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Object Identifier (PID): emory:4bzw9
Datastream Identifier (DSID): PDF
Datastream Label: ocm03201126_V_1
Datastream Version ID: PDF.2
Datastream Creation Date: 2011-04-01T22:32:58.313Z
Datastream State: A
Datastream MIME type: application/pdf
Datastream Format URI:
Datastream Control Group: M
Datastream Size: 13271837
Datastream Versionable: true
Datastream Info Type:
Datastream Location: emory:4bzw9+PDF+PDF.2
Datastream Location Type: INTERNAL_ID
Datastream Checksum Type: MD5
Datastream Checksum: afe2910e4b47dcb6626ec035b7ed3b53